QuickBooks Training

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting application developed by Intuit. Often called “small business accounting for dummies”, QuickBooks simplifies business accounting so that you do not have to know bookkeeping or accounting to maintain your company’s financial records.  Wherever possible, QuickBooks avoids using accounting terminology such as debits, credits, payables, and receivables, and uses everyday terms such as receiving a bill, paying a bill, and writing a check.

QuickBooks contains tools to allow users to create purchase orders, receive and pay bills, create estimates, issue and receive payments against invoices, perform simple inventory tracking, make cash sales without an invoice, view customer, vendor, and employee history, record bank deposits, reconcile bank accounts, etc. QuickBooks contains a long list of available reports and users can modify the existing reports and create their own reports. QuickBooks does contain payroll capabilities, though most accountants recommend you use a payroll service.  Companies can select which parts of QuickBooks they wish to use.

Who uses QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is used by people in all types of businesses to track and report on their financial transactions.  Though originally designed for small businesses, an online version (QuickBooks Enterprise) is available for mid-sized companies.

What QuickBooks training does Systemetrics offer?

Systemetrics QuickBooks training covers the versions of QuickBooks that are installed on your PC, not the online versions of QuickBooks.

Systemetrics offers the following QuickBooks seminar:

     Introduction to QuickBooks Desktop Versions 2012 – 2018  (6 hours)  View Outline

QuickBooks classes are scheduled on a regular basis in our classroom.  Private sessions may be scheduled in our classroom or yours.

To view the current schedule of QuickBooks classes, click here.

Is additional QuickBooks training available?

While we do not offer any other QuickBooks seminars, individual and small group assistance is available through our mentoring services, where our QuickBooks instructor can assist you with training and development specific to your needs.

What support is available after you complete a QuickBooks seminar?

As with all of our seminars, students who complete either of of QuickBooks seminars can call or e-mail us with any questions they have relating to QuickBooks .  Forever!

Need help determining if Systemetrics can help you?

Contact Leo Mansi, Systemetrics Training Manager, by calling (401) 275-2200, ext. 102, or by e-mail.


QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit.