Microsoft Windows Training

What is Microsoft Windows?

Microsoft Windows is the operating system for the personal computer developed by Microsoft. An operating system is the program that controls everything your PC does.  Users interact with the operating system to run the programs they wish to use, manage the files that they create and interact with other devices connected to the PC.  Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system for the personal computer.

Who uses Microsoft Windows?

The vast majority of users of IBM-compatible PC’s use Microsoft Windows.  Most people just learn the very basics and never get any formal training in Windows.  With training, you can have a better handle on getting your computer to work the way you want it to and you can organize your files in a fashion that is understandable to you.

What Microsoft Windows training does Systemetrics offer?

Systemetrics offers the following Microsoft Windows seminars:

     Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 7  (3 hours)  View Outline

     Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10  (3 hours)  (In Development)

Because of lack of interest, Microsoft Windows classes are not scheduled on a regular basis.  Private sessions may be scheduled in our classroom or yours.  If you wish to attend a public session, please contact Systemetrics to be added to our seminar waiting list.  When we have enough students, we will contact you to schedule the session.

Is additional Microsoft Windows training available?

While we do not offer any other Microsoft Windows seminars, individual and small group assistance is available through our mentoring services, where our Windows instructor can assist you with training and development specific to your needs.

What support is available after you complete a Microsoft Windows seminar?

As with all of our seminars, students who complete either of of Microsoft Windows seminars can call or e-mail us with any questions they have relating to Microsoft Windows .  Forever!

Need help determining if Systemetrics can help you?

Contact Leo Mansi, Systemetrics Training Manager, by calling (401) 275-2200, ext. 102, or by e-mail.


Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.