Since 1983, Systemetrics has been providing personal computer software assistance to businesses in Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts, and northeastern Connecticut, helping them get the most out of their investment in technology.

Systemetrics Classroom
Students receive assistance in
Systemetrics' classroom.
Our PC Training department has assisted thousands of individuals learn and master the computer programs we have all come to depend on to manage our businesses, products such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports, QuickBooks and many more. Use the PC Training option above to learn more.

Our PC Programming department has helped many companies get their computers to work the way they have designed their businesses, rather than having to change their businesses to conform to the computer programs. Use the PC Programming option above to learn more.

Our staff possesses a myriad of skills and capabilities to solve many of your problems.  But, one thing we have learned is that in the dynamic world of computers, you cannot be everything to everyone.  If your needs fall outside of our areas of expertise, we will tell you that and may even be able to provide you with the name of someone who can help you.

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(Training photos by Steve Mason Photographer.)